NOV-NF-W-06b.1 New Orleans to Venice Woodpark Floodwall

Providing critical flood protection in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana
Project Objective

To protect Parish highway flooding during heavy rain events and storm threats with the construction of a new floodwall.

Project Overview

APC had bid this project to the Government to install the piles in one piece, which provided a significant cost-savings. Furthermore, this floodwall project was completed approximately 6 months ahead of the target completion date. The project was adjacent to a residential area which necessitated precise management and communication by APC with homeowners. Active 230Kv overhead power lines required extreme coordination with local utility companies to maintain all necessary clearances while driving pipe and sheet piles.

The work consisted of constructing a new floodwall to include: reinforced concrete walls, driving steel sheet piling, driving steel pipe piling, compacted embankment fill, clearing and grubbing, grouted riprap, structural excavation and backfill, painting, turf establishment, culverts, demolition, temporary flood protection, utility modifications, water distribution system, electrical, exterior lighting, silt fencing, barbed wire fencing, farm gates, granular stone access roads, side roads, drainage pipe, ditches, catch basins, and other incidental work.

The technical details of the project are as follows:
APC mobilized to the project site and installed 16 each of 18” x 80’ of reactor piles and 1 each 18” x 106’ and 1 each 18” x 103’ test piles. We installed a test frame on test piles and performed 2 load tests.

APC then performed clearing and grubbing of existing vegetation for an east and west preload. In addition, we installed approximately 34,000 cubic yards of uncompacted fill and similar cubic yardage of compacted fill for the preloads; this preload settled for 1 year.

APC was responsible for performing miscellaneous demolition of existing fences, roadways, and bollard.  Excavation of the existing levee and the installation of a temporary rock working roadway was completed by APC as well. We installed approximately 112,166 SF of PZ-22 sheet piles (50’ & 60’ in length) and 69,206 LF of 18” x 103’ and 18” x 106’ of steel pipe pile for 53 monoliths.

For the drainage system, APC installed approximately 770 LF of 24” RCP, 342 LF of 42” RCP and 55 LF of 34x24 ARCP.  Also, we installed an 8x8 and an 8x6 manhole for the drainage systems. We excavated and shaped approximately 2,040 CY of new drainage ditch.

APC installed approximately 1580 LF of 12” C900 and approximately 1,430 LF of 12” HDPE waterline, 5 fire hydrants, and installed 2 floodwall crossings; we made service tie-ins to existing connections and made the connections to existing waterline service.

APC constructed a new lighted floodwall approximately 4’-2” thick by 9’ wide by 16’ tall for approximately 2,226 LF in length. The total monoliths construction was 53.

Roadwork consisted of installing 2 new roadway crossovers, 2 new turning lanes, and installing approximately 9,600 SY of asphalt. In addition, APC installed approximately 2,600 LF of new permanent access roadway for residents.

Lastly, APC performed turf establishment for approximately 12.5 acres and installed approximately 3,550 SY of new sodding.

Client Name
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
Project Location
Plaquemines Parish, LA
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