Bayou Bouef Lock, South Chamber Guidewall Replacement

Modernizing critical lock structures in Southeast Louisiana
Project Objective

To restore the deteriorating guidewall at this critical lock structure along the intracoastal canal, including an upgrade from a wooden to concrete structure.

Project Overview

The project consisted of the demolition of the existing wood guidewall structure and the installation of approximately 26,100 linear feet of 18” x .5” steel pipe pile.  All the work performed by APC was done safely from a crane barge and deck barges. APC designed a custom piling template to install piles in two separate monoliths, which allowed production to be accelerated due to less piling template moves; this resulted in being both cost-effective and a much safer job site. The job took place at an active lock that was shut down during the day for APC to perform the necessary construction of the new concrete guidewalls. The lock was then opened for vessel traffic at night and on the weekends. APC supplied rigorous marine traffic control measures to facilitate safe traffic of vessels.

Client Name
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
Project Location
Morgan City, LA
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