Commitment to Safety

A quality construction project puts people first by ensuring the safety of everyone involved. That’s why we’re committed to operating with total safety compliance.

safety comes first

At APC, our safety program is a comprehensive, company-wide effort to operate with safety as the highest priority.

From compliance and reporting to safety training on the job site, we implement strict safety protocols across our entire company that exceed industry standards.

Whether acting as the prime or the sub-contractor, with private or public sector clients, the standards in our safety manual are mandatory for every APC project and every APC team member and constantly evolve with current industry trends. We incorporate all OSHA and USACE EM 385-1-1 standards into our program and invite rigorous evaluation from industry experts to ensure we maintain all safety certifications. As a result, our safety program has produced a remarkable Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of 0.0.

APC Construction is a proud, ‘A’ rated member-contractor of ISNetWorld as well as a member of PICS Auditing Safety Programs.